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Rayburn Training Spring 2020

Rayburn Training
Spring 2020

Rayburn Training Spring 2020

At M & J Abbs Ltd, we know the importance of knowing a product from the inside out.

So last week Hayley and Mark went for an overnight trip to Telford to visit the AGA Rayburn factory where we witnessed the unique hand-build craftmanship that goes into every cooker.  

Day 1 was product training from the Rayburn professionals Carl and Pete, where we refreshed our Rayburn expertise and covered all of the Rayburn models and product offering.

“Crafted by hand, built for life”

On Day 2 we were given technical training with Ian who’s been working with Rayburn for 39 years!  Ian has already trained our certified engineers, and so it was time for other team members to get up to speed - we only learn from the best.  Ian touched on all the important components of these cast iron range cookers, both new and old, so you can be safe in the knowledge that even at your first point of contact someone from M & J Abbs will be able to assist with your servicing and breakdown needs.

Each and every model is made in the UK and during the factory tour it was great to see the honoured traditions that keep Rayburn’s true to their 70 year heritage, and cement their place in British homes. 

Thank you to all the expert trainers for taking the time to talk to us.  We had a great time, and it was nice to meet Steve and Rebecca from Rangemoors who also attended the training and joined us for a delicious curry in the evening (thanks Carl!).

AGA Rayburn cookers come in a range of models, from the 200 - 600 series (and most with a choice of fuel options), all of whcih are able to help you produce better tasting food, power your hot water and heat your home.