AGA Rayburn Showroom

AGA Rayburn Showroom

Our AGA Rayburn Showroom is due to open summer 2020!

We’re excited to be opening our new AGA Rayburn showroom this summer, at the Lakes Business Park, just outside St Ives where we’ll have a wide range of AGA cookers and Rayburn cooker boilers as well as stoves and fires. We’re pretty proud of it!

Call ahead or contact us we’ll get book you an appointment with one of our team to help you with any questions and talk through your requirements, without obligation. They’ll help with everything from detailed technical issues to your choice of colour scheme (if you want) – and of course you can arrange a home survey with us too. 

There’s usually a fair bit going on around the showroom - if you’re thinking of upgrading to an AGA or Rayburn, ask about our Q & A workshops and cooking demos. We’ve had great feedback on these, please see our latest updates for upcoming dates.


Iconic Design, delicious food and a warm welcome home. 

Cast iron ovens use the principle of indirect radiant heat which is kind to food and locks in flavour, moisture and goodness. If you like the like the nostalgia of the original AGA the 24/7 Radiant range is the one for you. On all the time but with enhanced controllability of the electric models, this range does much more than just cook!


In comparison, the Everyday Radiant range can be turned on and off as required and can offer more flexibility, combining both cast iron and conventional cooking.


Good Food, Hot Baths, Warm Home

A Rayburn is a flexible and controllable cast iron range cooker boiler. They are available to run on a variety of fuels – gas, oil, solid fuel and wood – and in sizes to suit every kitchen, ranging from the small but powerful 200 Series through to the 600 Series. Rayburns produce better tasting food, power your hot water and heat your home.. All modern Rayburn cookers are fully programmable and fitted with thermostats.

A Rayburn can also be linked to other fuel sources in your home so more than one source contributes energy to heat your hot water, your radiators and underfloor heating if you have it (or want it – we can do that too)!

The flexibility to decide when you need your Rayburn on or off, in turn means lower fuel bills, a warm home, great food and lots of hot water when you need it.

AGA and Rayburn Colours

Both AGA and Rayburn ranges come in 16 vitreous enamel colours.  Multiply coats of hardwearing enamel offer a strong, easy to clean exterior which is resistant to high temperatures and heavy use.

None of the above quite right?  Ask us about AGA bespoke colour service.

Current Models on Display