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Heating Installations

Heating Systems
The best system for you, installed by experts.

If you’re thinking about replacing your boiler or upgrading your heating system, get in touch. 

Upgrading your boiler is of course a great investment in your property as it can significantly reduce your heating bills, improving your home’s energy efficiency. This can also mean a satisfying improvement in general performance - hot water on demand, or a quieter unit. 

But - in our experience - replacing your boiler is about peace of mind. You want something that’s going to be the engine of your home, which will last you a decade if not longer and doesn’t give up on you during a cold winter. That’s why you should talk to us. 

The right choice - for you and yours

We really care about our customers. We know that there’s a vast array of models and systems to choose from, and we know that every home and family is different. So we take the time to survey your system and discuss your needs to make smart and considered options, tailored to your situation. 

We’ll only recommend high-quality brands that we would trust in our homes: Vaillant for gas boilers, Grant for oil. Over time we’ve developed relationships with these companies, and our team have undertaken specific training that allows us privileged warranties and exclusive offers that we’re able to pass on to our customers (we’re registered as Vaillant Advance members and engineer under Grant’s G-One certification). 

This means that from installation, through to annual servicing and check-ups these manufacturers recognize you’re in exceptional hands. 

That’s why we’re often able to provide double the standard warranty. In many cases, this means that your new boiler will be covered for 10 years.

Maintain pressure and temperature

An Unvented Water Storage System is a really clever upgrade for your home. Having one can maintain your water pressure and temperature, regardless of what’s happening in other rooms.

Put another way - if you’re showering and someone turns on the kitchen taps, you won’t suffer freezing/boiling water. 

Smart heating

If you’re looking to maximize the heating efficiency of your home, ask us to take a look and we’ll let you know what’s possible (and what we‘d recommend). 

For example, more and more of our customers are asking for Nest, Hive or other smart system installations. 

These give you more control over how and when you heat each room. You can easily create schedules of when you want your heating on, and set unique temperatures per room. 

Over time, these systems learn your heating behavior and optimise your usage. They can even take into account how long your boiler takes to get going, or identify via GPS when you’re getting close to your home, so that it can start warming up the rooms at precisely the right moment. 

Naturally these can save you money in the long-term and they operate from the touch of a button on your smartphone or desktop computer, with some very simple and clever apps to support them – which we’re very happy to help you setup.

We’ve got you covered 

Through OFTEC, Gas Safe and HETAS, we’ll also cover the legwork on notifying local authorities regarding your installations as-and-when necessary - saving you time and money on an inspector coming to visit.